Grimm Forest

Session 1, 2010-09-11

Some quick notes for now (copied from my exsanguinated in-session notes, so VERY ugly). I plan to come back later and edit for more detail and turn this into some kind of narrative.

  • Early autumn – trees change colour, seasons more dramatic, bark toughens.
  • Animals sometimes taken and become crazed this year, bad year.
  • Regroup, suspicious that Ghyr Marai would do this. Naldemar, mentor, we are tasked to find him. Unusual that our childhood group brought back together.
  • Sasha is not with us, although she was as a child.
  • Shouting, horse noises, approaching now
  • Yellow robes, brimless hats, wagon sinking into a hole, horses screaming, human yelling (lunatic) climbing on wagon, Morningstar?
  • When Dane offers help, Crazy guy “has foreseen this”, tells others to attack
  • Ant thing attacks from the pit; more ants later
  • Dead horse
  • Wagon fell into hole at end of fight, not completely lost
  • Closed wagon like a carriage
  • Small copper box in compartment under the seat in the wagon (plus random clothing, etc.)
  • Plain clothes under robes, generally ratty; thin dudes
  • Winged ape in a half circle on the lid of the copper box
  • Shuffling up ahead after more travels
  • Dane notices signs of some kind of fight, a while ago, broken branches, blood on the ground, broken arrows
  • White mare crops grass in empty clearing, blood on flanks, limping, arrow sticking out of wound; saddle, saddlebags, supplies, raincoat; arrow is low quality, head is wicked barbed thing.
  • Eric draws out the arrow with a heal check
  • Follow horse tracks, dead bodies, five humans, horse reacted before we got there; men killed by humanish weapons, blunt/slashing/arrows. Don’t look weak, all had horses.
  • Tracks are small and light; not human
  • Ruins, rubble, whispers in Goblin, Boontah unhappy about itch; goblins closely tied to forest and seasons, change colour with seasons; some theorize they are related to dwarves, they are unrepentantly evil; 3-4 heard
  • Boontah has gold ring in nose, bigger than others; rest have red-white skin, transitioning with seasons



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