Grimm Forest

Session 3, 2010-10-09
  • Monolith is tall and thin, very old, no markings at all.
  • Uryens Arcana – latent magical power in it that might have helped us during an encounter. Sometimes power available in it to use. Arcane power of some kind.
  • Things have changed slightly; tress are the same but no more warping effect making it hard to find our way. Still dense, but naturally. Alourm friend stays with us for a way, but gets anxious and wants to leave and go back.
  • Alourm stick generally to a small area and because they don’t have individual identities (even names) community is very important to them. Dane’s insight tells him that the departure of the Alourm is honest, due to his internal motivations and not malicious or deceptive.
  • Walk for a while, arrive at a farm. Small clearing, giving way to grasses and small trees. Was holding feed animals but is empty, fence smashed, something something.
  • Wall of bookshelves, fireplace, pots, pans, small knife. At table is a figure, aged, hard use has aged him. Skin and clothing replaced with hard red barklike substance. Table, small deck of cards, four lie face up in front of him.
  • Thinner handmade books were written by Naldemar, subjects that were of interest to him.
  • Thicker books are references by Druids from a long time ago.
  • Cards, left to right: The Tangled Briar; The Betrayal; The Twin; The Empty Throne
  • Shield, lower left; crown lower middle; crown center; crown upper left
  • Bone box for cards.
  • Decide to go back to Gruinhaval, with Naldemar’s corpse/tree, minor encounters on the way.
  • Nearing the outskirts of the hamlet, can see lots of fruit trees, spike trees, bushes. Heavy-laden with fruit, normal for this time of year.
  • During fifth watch, Eric wakes Dane because of commotion south of camp; humanoids approaching from south and southwest; sneaking, 500 yards away.
  • We arrange a sneaky defense; they approach with arrows nocked; after we surprise attack, Dane asks who they are; they say we will regret attacking them.
  • Bandits; surprising that they were this close to Gruinhaval. Normally very safe here. Even natural threats here are rare, safety for so long.
  • Capture both, interrogate; they claim to have taken the town. Won’t talk about leader even after bluff to “turn him into” something like Naldemar’s corpse. Says some of the Red Guard have joined them, after enough time is better than resisting. Didn’t kill many; not many killings or hangings before people gave in. Hundreds killed. Say they are just getting paid, don’t know much. Druids haven’t come yet. They talk to each other, it is surprising the druids haven’t come yet.
  • Boar’s Head Inn is next, outside town at a crossroads.
  • Spike-root bushes?
  • See standing lanterns near Boar’s Head from a distance. Ambushed! Bolts come at us from the trees. Five with crossbows and spears; guy at back intimidating, terribly scarred, uses longspear. Other three are men with maces, more capable than untrained crossbow.
  • Scarred guy is clearly older, veteran of many battles, carrying 20 cp. No uniform among the group. Older one is branded on left inside forearm. Dagger and a horn (stag’s horn) beside each other brand.
  • Boar’s Head is a huge in, ringed by low stone wall in disrepair, five tall lampposts creating warm glow in the fog surrounding them. Old boar sign stills hangs, smoke streams from one chimney, place seems pale and deserted.
  • Common room empty, lamps on tables.
  • Enter the inn, woman’s voice says no more food at the inn, she stops when she sees us (recognizes Eric). Gressa. Fairly beautiful youngish women has grown more plump and cheerful, long dark hair with grey streaks. Trying desperately to keep things clean. “How did you get here? Get out of the light!” Takes us to a second floor room, up ladder through hole into attic (empty).
  • All of this has been going on for about three weeks. She tells us the leader is “Pannon”, he won’t talk to her, his face is horribly burned, he is much changed.
  • In town was another group training Order of Thorn and Talon (Myconid Company, we were Cockatrice Company). Pannon was a warrior, but soft-spoken and not very confident, pushed around easily even within his group. There was a rivalry. He was not the type to lead this sort of thing; doesn’t make decisions on his own. Something more must behind him.
  • Naldemar: “Why did you bring that here?” No druids around, won’t get help there. Lots of questioning from conquerors, might be looking for something, getting food at inn.
  • She brings warm biscuits. No way to lure Pannon out to the inn. Get rid of him and this might all be over. Pannon is outside of town as far as she knows.
  • We hide during the day, sneak out a hidden back way that only Dane knew about. Head for tower where Pannon supposed to be hiding out.
  • Fields well farmed, corn, taller than most of us. Moon half risen before we leave.
  • Come to a set of ruins along the way, Dane hears subtle sound from far off, slithering scraping sound in the ruins, 100 feet out
  • Try to go around, slathering voice says “it doesn’t matter if you hide your light, we hear and taste you moving”.
  • Grey skin, long glistening fangs, long narrow tongue, only in the dark. One more muscular than the others; five thinner and shorter than the others. Maws grow hideously large when attacking.
Session 2, 2010-09-25
  • Wake in the morning, search ruins, head back to the point from which we were sidetracked.
  • Dane notices that the forest is different – leaves seem thicker and more leathery than he would expect. More like skin than leaves. Bark is also more fleshy. Subtle effect, nobody else notice.
  • Uryens nature check: this is happening throughout the area. Looks like carnivorous plants but they don’t seem to be carnivorous.
  • Uryens Arcana check says that this could be arcane based, most likely a ritual with a large area of effect if it is this.
  • An hour later we see a stone wall, and a burned out farmstead. Bloated cows, burned corpses. Attackers were wanton and merciless – kill and leave.
  • Several individuals, men, women, children, some killed with blade, some with arrows. Farmhouse has some stone in walls but is burned out. About 5 dead cattle.
  • Wall, eight feet tall, continues a long way in both directions; we know there is a way through the wall but it is a ways away from here.
  • Booted tracks lead up to wall and over it. Small humanoid tracks, not like those we recently fought.
  • Bodies were not touched after death; not even nature (no flies, etc) even around the cattle.
  • We went around the wall, so that we could bring the horse with is.
  • Tracks end not far from a thicker area of forest. Black arrows shoot out from foliage; surprise attack!
  • “Foral” attacks with a volley of arrows that immobilizes a bunch of us; 3 snipers with him.
    Wolves attack mid-combat – hungry and weak.
  • Somebody knows what the creatures are, my notes do not include – I was doing something else and missed the description.
  • We kept one of them alive and tried to convince him to calm down; eventually managed to break him out of it.
  • Creature magically cursed, we kind of broke it; he breaks and cries, tells us woods are cursed and we need to get out; cursed his friends, etc. We asked him about the farm before he started crying. Ask about Naldemar, he knows of him, must go through woods to get there; about six hours travelling to get there but it is hard to know with travel how long it will take. Originally tried to flee the woods but couldn’t escape because of the warping effects.
  • “Alourm” is the name of the species.
  • Trip through the forest, skill challenge, every hour make 1-2 skill checks to try to make good progress.
  • Distances stretch, trails move in weird ways from one place to another as we pass by them.
  • First hour: Flitting shadows, horrid laughing, unnatural even for the Geistwald. No animals anywhere, not even insects. Trees seem to be laughing at us.
  • We resist the magic in the first hour with Arcana checks; the Alourm helps, and those skilled in Arcana do well.
  • Second hour, laughter is in our heads, not auditory. Whispers of vague horrifying things that we can barely make out.
  • Physical barrier, wall of thorns and stuff; cut through with athletics or twist through with acrobatics. Mikaila cuts through enough to help the rest of us.
  • Pockets of dense forest mingle with the woods, but we make out a clearing with a bog at its center. Slight movement lets us see slim forms within the trees.
  • Past the clearing, swampy and mucky; constantly attacked by midges and mosquitos. Can make endurance to fight it, or come up with other way to deal with them.
  • Perception to find our way through, failed, extra hour; near centre of evil; stealth check fail, find clearing with ruined evil temple (?) and monolith on a hill crawling with evil runes. Wall in front of monolith, but can see monolith over the wall. Big evil moving tree thing with writhing long branches in a shallow pit.
  • Hear a strange terrible voice, small twiglike creatures crawl out of the ground.
  • Burst of psychic energy from the tree. Warrior comes into view, twisted evil mask face thing, black mail armor. While damaging the tree with one of Uryens’ ice powers, we hear a horrible scream in our minds.
  • Lines begin to appear in the tree when it is bloodied; whispers in our mind grow louder, etc.
    Lightining attack that hits almost everyone, reduce AC & fort, ongoing lightning damage.
  • Gain a level.
Session 1, 2010-09-11

Some quick notes for now (copied from my exsanguinated in-session notes, so VERY ugly). I plan to come back later and edit for more detail and turn this into some kind of narrative.

  • Early autumn – trees change colour, seasons more dramatic, bark toughens.
  • Animals sometimes taken and become crazed this year, bad year.
  • Regroup, suspicious that Ghyr Marai would do this. Naldemar, mentor, we are tasked to find him. Unusual that our childhood group brought back together.
  • Sasha is not with us, although she was as a child.
  • Shouting, horse noises, approaching now
  • Yellow robes, brimless hats, wagon sinking into a hole, horses screaming, human yelling (lunatic) climbing on wagon, Morningstar?
  • When Dane offers help, Crazy guy “has foreseen this”, tells others to attack
  • Ant thing attacks from the pit; more ants later
  • Dead horse
  • Wagon fell into hole at end of fight, not completely lost
  • Closed wagon like a carriage
  • Small copper box in compartment under the seat in the wagon (plus random clothing, etc.)
  • Plain clothes under robes, generally ratty; thin dudes
  • Winged ape in a half circle on the lid of the copper box
  • Shuffling up ahead after more travels
  • Dane notices signs of some kind of fight, a while ago, broken branches, blood on the ground, broken arrows
  • White mare crops grass in empty clearing, blood on flanks, limping, arrow sticking out of wound; saddle, saddlebags, supplies, raincoat; arrow is low quality, head is wicked barbed thing.
  • Eric draws out the arrow with a heal check
  • Follow horse tracks, dead bodies, five humans, horse reacted before we got there; men killed by humanish weapons, blunt/slashing/arrows. Don’t look weak, all had horses.
  • Tracks are small and light; not human
  • Ruins, rubble, whispers in Goblin, Boontah unhappy about itch; goblins closely tied to forest and seasons, change colour with seasons; some theorize they are related to dwarves, they are unrepentantly evil; 3-4 heard
  • Boontah has gold ring in nose, bigger than others; rest have red-white skin, transitioning with seasons
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