Grimm Forest1

Of the many tales of Sehen the wise, the best are of weal and woe; the stories, like the world, are one cloth of suffering, shame, hope, and greatness. Her stories that end only in happiness lie – but those that end only in sorrow do also. The best stories are always grown from truth, or seem to be.

What can we say of Sehen’s story of the small town of Gruinhaval, and its heroes and villains? Is she to be believed? Such tales are hard to believe: hard if they are false, and just as hard if they are true.

Only the forest can hold the truth of her secret. The forest, and the past. The Geisterwald – the forest that was and will be …

This campaign is the story Sehen tells, and many aspects of it are fated, but just as many are free for your characters to choose. To find out more, look here

1 This campaign borrows liberally from Pathfinder adventures, The Gaming Den, and Penny Arcade.

Grimm Forest

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